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Marketing Your Book Through the Use of Business Cards

Posted by Infnity Author Marketing BLOG on Tue, Dec 21, 2010 @ 04:25 PM

Author Name: Jay Thomas Willis

Book Title(s): Implications For Effective Psychotherapy With African-Americans; As Soon as the Weather Breaks; The Cotton is High; Born to be Destroyed; Paranoid but not Stupid; Why Black Americans Behave as They Do; Hard Luck; When the Village Idiot Get Started; Educated Misunderstanding; The Devil in Angelica.

Marketing Subject: Marketing Utilizing Business Cards


Market book with business cardsSometimes you’ve got to forget about everything else and use what’s in your hands. God at one point told Moses to use what he had in his hands. It also makes sense to cast down your buckets where you are. Business cards are relatively inexpensive, and may be one of the best ways of getting the word out about your book. It’s relatively easy to get some cards printed in any style you choose.

When getting your business cards done it’s important to remember to include the essential information without having a cluttered card. Be sure to include your name, telephone number, email address, and Web site address. These are the essentials. Whatever else you can put on the card without including too much information is up to you.

You might want to include a picture of your book, a folding card that includes a blurb of your book; there are an infinite variety of ways of doing business cards. If you have problems with selecting a style, you might want to seek professional help for the best professional image. Your efforts will be rewarded by the additional business you get from your cards.

Pass out a business card to everyone you meet in your daily activities—no exceptions. You never know who’s going to be interested in your book. The business cards included in your marketing package from Infinity Publishing is an excellent way to get started. You might need to increase the number of cards you wanted to receive. It will save you from getting cards printed at a more expensive price. These cards have all the information you need, and are done in an excellent style. To have cards printed in a similar style would be more expensive.

People who love books, writers, and those who love to read usually hang out at bookstores and bookstore cafes. Hang around these places whenever you can, and when you get an opportunity hand out a few business cards.

There is a Border’s café in my Neighborhood. I like to hang out there and hand out cards to those whom I feel might be interested in my books. If I get an opening I will tell them about my books.

I have written twenty-three books so far, and have exhausted the business cards I received through my Infinity’s marketing packages. I have gotten nothing but positive responses. Since then I have had some additional cards printed, and pass them out as often as I can.

Don’t get dejected if someone refuses your card. In this business you are sure to encounter many rejections; just consider yourself that much closer to an acceptance.

You may have to pass out numerous business cards in order to find one person interested in your book. But that’s the nature of the game, and your objective is to find that one person. If you can find enough individuals to buy your book, out of the many you give your card, you will be a success. Handing out business cards only take time and effort.

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