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Author Spotlight: Dr.Robert Brescia

Author Spotlight: Dr. Robin Bell

Author Spotlight: Laura Valenti

Author Spotlight: Stacey Small & Andrea Baldwin

Author Spotlight: Loretta Veney

Author Spotlight: Douglas Williams

Author Spotlight: Lisa Mills

Author Spotlight: Paul Mellor

Author Spotlight: Ross Schriftman

Author Spotlight: Robert Pelton

Author Spotlight: Leonard Renier

Author Spotlight: Carol Warner Burdick

Author Spotlight: Bryan Bloom

Author Spotlight: Kathy Gruver

Author Spotlight: William C. Grayson

Author Spotlight: Martha Santos

Author Spotlight: Bill Sunkel

Author Spotlight: Annie Cole

Author Spotlight: Tom Cirignano

Author Spotlight:Terry Harris

Author Spotlight: Larry Tart

Author Spotlight: Bo Metzler

Author Spotlight: Tim Sommer of the Baltimore Orioles

Author Spotlight: Santa "Claus" Cliff Snider

How self-publishing helped a CPA build a national reputation

BEYOND BAROQUE features Nancy Shiffrin

Burroughs's Book Shelf Review of "Never Climbed His Mountain"

Delaware County PA News - Former colleague pens first crime novel

Summer 2013 Pinnacle Book Achievement Awards - Last Call for Entries

Code Name Sonny made finalist in the Reader's Favorite contest!

Courting the Media vs. Courting Editors and Publishers

Taking the Plunge: Giving a TV Interview

Why Regional Pitching Can Leverage Big Success

Get Free and Effective Online Book Marketing

Top 4 Recommendations for Book Signings

New Book by Author

How To Successfully Launch Your Book

All Things Spiritual

A Valentine Wish

Stuck in Life

Spreading sunshine, Finding the positive

Notes on Practical-Grass-Root’s Marketing Strategies for Self-Published Authors

Closing a Chapter on Grass-root’s Marketing for Self-Published Authors

My Year of Reflection

Using Twitter to Promote and Market Your book

My life runs in a 3 year cycle

My Year of Reflection

Using TV to Promote and Market Your Book

Using Radio to Market Your Book

Using Magazines to Promote and Market Your Book

Using Newspapers to Market Your Book

Children's Book series inspiring children to keep a healthy mind, body and spirit

Taking My Own Advice In Regard to Marketing My Books

Using Blogs to Promote and Market Your Book

Promoting and Marketing Your Book Through Writing Articles

Why You Need to Work Actively at Exposing Your Book

Limitations or Perseverance in Book Marketing

Using Book Fairs to Market Your Book

Using Press Releases to Market Your Book

Marketing Your Book Through Book Reviews

Marketing Your Book to Special Clubs

Marketing Your Book by Word-of-Mouth

Getting Professional Help to Market Your Book

Does Your Book Need a Professional Editor to Increase its Marketability?

Marketing Your Book Through Handing Out Fliers

Sell Yourself More Than Your Book

Marketing Your Book Through the Use of Business Cards

Quality Without Compromise: Redefining Writing Success

Marketing Your Book by Networking With Friends


Making the Most of Marketing Your Book at Book Signings as a Marketing Tool

Making the Most of Professional Conferences in Marketing Your Book

Marketing Compared to Writing in Utilizing Creativity to Market Your Book

Marketing Compared to Writing in Utilizing Creativity to Market Your Book

You Can Market Your Self-Published Book to Libraries

Don’t Overlook the Obvious in Marketing Your Book

More Tips for Marketing Your Book

Book Marketing with a Smile

Biting off More Than You can Chew in Marketing Your Books

The Importance of Presentation in Book Marketing

What I Expect from This Marketing Blog

Outback & Beyond

Book Marketing Encouragement- Write a Blog!

Five Practical and Inexpensive Strategies to Use in Marketing Your Book

Being on the Lookout for Book Marketing Scams

Book Marketing For Self-Doubters

Self-Published Writers Need to Find a Way to Get Their Name in Headlines

Books by Davie- What Works and What Doesn't Work

Presentation in Book Marketing

Where Are the Animal Lovers?

Why more customers aren’t buying your new book

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