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4 Tips to Engage Readers With Your Author Contact Page

Posted by Arthur Gutch on Thu, Dec 22, 2016 @ 02:09 PM

Beginning to wonder why people aren't emailing or writing yet to interview you or feature your book? Have you looked at the approach you're taking on your CONTACT ME page? If you're just listing "the facts", it might be time for a new approach! Because it's all about semantics- create a page with wording that attracts public relations so you. 

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Create an Author Workspace That Inspires, No Matter Where You Work

Posted by Arthur Gutch on Sun, Dec 18, 2016 @ 01:18 PM

Virginia Woolf said that every writer needs "a room of one's own," but some authors aren't quite so lucky. If writing space is tight in your environment, it can be hard to block out distractions and concentrate on your work. The trick to finding an inspiring workplace anywhere is to mentally create your own bubble of creativity. With just a few simple tricks, you can turn even a busy coffee shop corner into your own private work zone. 

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NYT Bestseller Jana DeLeon's No-Nonsense Tips for Authors

Posted by Arthur Gutch on Tue, Dec 13, 2016 @ 03:55 PM

In the increasingly popular field of cozy mysteries, Jana DeLeon is a rising star. Her latest book series, The Miss Fortune Series, regularly hits the NYT Bestseller list every time she publishes a new book. Beginning as a technical writer ten years ago who penned fiction on the side, DeLeon put her no-nonsense attitude and dogged determination to work, finding the success that many authors only dream of. For the last decade DeLeon has given the same advice to beginning authors who want to make it big in the publishing world. Here are her best no-nonsense tips for getting the career you want. 

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10 Best Holiday Gifts for Authors: 2016 Edition

Posted by Arthur Gutch on Mon, Dec 05, 2016 @ 09:45 AM

The holidays are coming soon, and it's time for you to buy a gift for your favorite author. If your favorite author is yourself, then it's time for you to write your wish list for friends and family. Believe it or not, most authors are tired of getting packs of pens and stacks of Moleskine notebooks. Not that they aren't great, but you can do better. Here are some unique and creative gifts your favorite author will absolutely love. 

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9 Ways to Scare Readers Away From Your Author Website

Posted by Arthur Gutch on Tue, Nov 29, 2016 @ 10:30 AM

Halloween may be over, but the spooky stuff still hangs around in some places. Your author website is your home base, the one spot your fans rely on to get in touch with you and find out about your next book. You want new readers to bookmark your website and check back frequently, not click back three seconds after they see your site. Here are nine things you have to get rid of right away if you've made the mistake of putting them on your site. 

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11 Weird Writing Tips for NaNoWriMo That Actually Work

Posted by Arthur Gutch on Thu, Nov 17, 2016 @ 10:11 AM

Every November millions of authors get together in an extreme writing event known as National Novel Writing Month, or NaNoWriMo. If you've joined in on the fun, you're probably already feeling the challenge of producing 1,667 words a day, every single day, for the entire month. Your enthusiasm may still be high, but it will start to flag some time during the month, guaranteed. That's when these fun, crazy and weird writing tips will come in handy for powering through to the finish line on November 30. 50,000 words are closer than ever. 

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8 Things for Independent Authors to be Thankful For

Posted by Arthur Gutch on Tue, Nov 15, 2016 @ 12:09 PM

If you live in the United States or you're an ex-pat, it's likely that you're going to be celebrating Thanksgiving in the next few weeks. It may seem like a day dedicated to gluttony and American football, but the idea of recognizing what you're thankful for is still the concept that the holiday revolves around. Independent authors are particularly lucky now to be doing what they're doing. Here are some reasons you should be thankful to be an author in this Thanksgiving season. 

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Writing Advice for Authors from Diana Gabaldon

Posted by Arthur Gutch on Thu, Nov 10, 2016 @ 10:46 AM

In the last 20 years, Outlander has grown from a little-known cross-genre novel to a worldwide phenomenon. The tales of Jaime, an 18th-century Scottish laird, and Claire, his wife from 1940's Scotland, has grown into eight books and a television series with the third season being filmed. The person behind this juggernaut is a tiny woman, Diana Gabaldon. Busier than ever because of her consulting work on the television series, Gabaldon still finds the time to visit one authors' conference after another, sitting in on panels and gladly giving writing advice to aspiring bestselling authors. She's no-nonsense and doesn't hold with many excuses, but Diana Gabaldon's writing advice is gold, bits to savor and use at every opportunity. 

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How Authors Can Outrank Competitors (on Amazon)  With KDP Rocket

Posted by Arthur Gutch on Thu, Nov 03, 2016 @ 02:59 PM

Keywords are one of the top three ingredients you need for your book to reach the top of its sales rankings. In order to sell more books you need visibility, and keywords are the best way to ensure readers find your book when they search for your subject matter. But how are you supposed to know which keywords work the best? Before now, authors just used trial and error, using their best guess to narrow down the choices. Now, authors have a new tool for finding the right keywords for Amazon sales, KDP Rocket. 

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4 Tips to Market your Book for a Big Holiday Push

Posted by Arthur Gutch on Wed, Oct 26, 2016 @ 02:36 PM

The holidays are coming and your book is the perfect present right? So how will everyone find out about your book during the biggest sales rush of the year. Start your holiday push now to get ahead of the competition so you'll be on everyone's gift list. 

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